Tool and Die

Meadville Forging’s Tool & Die

With our Tool and Die operation on site, we’re able to cut production time for clients and continue to ensure the high quality product we promise from start to finish.

The Die Room’s major machinery consists of Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM), two Lathes, two OD grinders, and two Welding Machines. There is also an assortment of peripheral machines needed to do specific jobs. After the dies and tooling are made and ready for production, the die room Trimmer Maker readies the dies and secondary tooling for production. Secondary tooling consists of trimmers, punches, seats, ect.

Die components
Worker operating a 5M machine

The Die Room Mill Operator runs a CNC Bridge Mill. This mill has enabled MFC to make and repair all large press tooling that is needed for each of the 14 presses at MFC. This mill has machined plates as large as five foot square and weighing over 8400 pounds.

The Die Room supports production by making ready all tooling in a timely manner and lending support to all departments on as-needed basis.

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