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Steel Forging

Steel Forging and Die Making

When it comes to producing high-quality steel parts for the auto, oil and gas industries, Meadville Forging Company is your one stop shop. Our steel forge is known for delivering your products efficiently and correctly the first time everytime. We have the tools and technology to minimize turnaround time with:

  • Optimized material handling
  • Press automation
  • Automated gaging
  • Vision applications

Our automated gages are capable of providing feedback to the machining centers which improves process capability and reduces scrap.

Worker pulling a spindle from a hot steel press

“Our customers want a perfect part and how we meet that is through our quality systems driving continuous improvement on our shop floor, taking variation out of our production system so that each part can be identical.“

- Ed Loccisano

Former VP of Administration and Strategic Planning, (Retired after 25+ years)

Closed die forming capability

Our tooling is machined in-house using software that directly integrates to our solid modeling system, which reduces manufacturing errors and improves throughput. Learn more about our tool and die shop here.

The MFC Advantage

  • Our parts are delivered efficiently and correctly on time, everytime.
  • Our systems reduce forging stock and provide net shape, high-quality flash-less and reduced flash forging designs.
  • Heat treating capabilities: Quench and temper, normalizing, and annealing (including soft, spherodize, and iso-thermal).
  • Our tool steel development and improvement allows for the longest die life possible.

Steel Forged Parts Produced

We produce parts for the automotive, heavy truck and oil and gas industry, including ring gears, spindles, hubs, PTO Gears, Flanges, ball valves and more. Check out our Industries Served pages for more details.

Various Steel parts produced by Meadville Forging Company

Our Steel Yard Equipment

In the past 5 years the steel yard has added 4 Tsune CNC controlled carbide cut-off saws for a total of 8 saws. These eight saws use a 12 inch round saw blade with carbide tipped teeth to cut steel diameters up to 4 inches at a rate of approximately 1 billet every 10 seconds per saw. These eight saws have enabled MFC to cut very high carbon steels that cannot be sheared without incurring quality defects. 

The Steel Yard’s major machinery consists of one mechanical Hill-Acme shear that use as much as 900 tons of force to shear steel bars up to 4 inches in diameter. The Steel Yard also operates one Hill-Acme hydraulic shear and two AMD hydraulic shears that range from 300 tons to 1,000 tons of force used to shear bar diameters ranging from 1-7/8 inch to 4 inches. In 2018 the MFC Steel Yard received 88,087,945 lbs. of steel from various steel mills and sheared 7,000,000 billets and sawed 2,700,000 billets of various diameters and weight.

Steel Yard at Meadville Forge Plant

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