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Metallurgy Lab

Metallurgy at the Forge

Meadville Forging Company’s Metallurgy Department uses a range of precise and reliable techniques to determine and measure the characteristics of steel, including elemental composition and metallurgical results.

Our CNC Metallurgy Lab utilizes the latest ASTM standards to pass all customer specifications. The main focus of this lab is measuring and analyzing turned parts. The lab is capable of destructive and non-destructive testing using Coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) to achieve high quality products.

High Speed Precision Sectioning Saw
Knowing the chemistry of steel helps determine its behavior through the forging process. Our metallurgy department can check incoming steel verifying customer requirements, as well as ensuring accuracy of forgings should any issues arise. Our optical emission spectrometer (OES) provides rapid results on samples from raw billets to finished forgings.

Metallurgical testing uses microscopy to evaluate the structure and properties of metals. As metals are subjugated to hot-working, cooling, and post-heat treatment, their microstructure and physical properties change. MFC’s Metallurgy Department has the capabilities to measure hardness, including Brinell and Rockwell, identify microstructures, and determine grain size. Lab samples are made in-house using precision cutting equipment, thermoplastic molding, and automatic grinding/polishing to produce photo-quality samples.

Mount Making Process
40x to 1000x Optical Microscope

Our Metallurgy Lab Equipment

We test steel produced parts at Meadville Forging with precision equipment in our Metallurgy Lab that ensures you receive quality parts the first time everytime. Here are a few of our testing stations.