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Serving the Trucking & Transportation Industry

Continuing our automotive expertise, we produce parts for the heavy truck and transportation industry. Quality and precision in this industry is of the upmost importance for the safety of drivers, mechanics and families sharing the highway. At Meadville Forging Company, we take that seriously and it’s why we’ve focused on improvement and perfection in our work for over 60 years.

Heavy Truck PTO  Gear produced by Meadville Forging Company

Steel Forged Parts Produced

Shafts  | PTO Gears

MFC supplies various parts that support the Heavy Truck and Emergency/Fire vehicles.  These Gears and Shafts are some of the heaviest parts that MFC manufactures, weighing in around 30lbs! Supplying to such important industries showcases MFC’s dedication to our On Time Delivery performance of parts.

Why manufacture HEAVY TRUCK parts with Meadville Forging

We deliver. We guarantee your steel heavy truck parts to your specifications the first time, every time, and on time. It’s what differentiates us in the steel forging industry. We strive everyday for zero defects in all of our heavy truck part projects. From the onsite tool and die to the forging process to CNC machining, we use state of the art technology and attention to detail to ensure each part is efficiently and flawlessly crafted with minimal waste.
Staff at the Comparator Machine

Our Heavy Truck Part Steel Forging Process

Die Billet

Tool and Die

Our tooling is machined in-house using software that directly integrates to our solid modeling system, which reduces manufacturing errors and improves throughput. We’re able to cut production time for clients and continue to ensure the high quality product we promise from start to finish.
Steel Yard Saw Icon

Steel Yard

The Meadville Forging Co. steel yard includes eight saws, including four Tsune CNC controlled carbide cut-off saws which cut very high carbon steels without incurring quality defects. The Yard can process 88,087,945 lbs. of steel sourced from various steel mills, shear 7,000,000 billets and saw 2,700,000 billets of various diameters and weight.

Forge steel pour icon

Steel Forging Process

Our systems reduce forging stock and provide net shape, high-quality flash-less and reduced flash forging designs. And Meadville Forging Company heat treating capabilities include quench and temper, normalizing, and annealing (including soft, spherodize, and iso-thermal).
CNC Machine Icon

CNC Machining

The 59,000 square foot facility houses 52 CNC Lathes, eight CNC Milling centers, and four Induction Hardening Machines. Our CNC Machining facility ships 4-5 truckloads of parts daily, containing between 3K-12K parts depending on size and weight. Over 4.5 Million parts are shipped annually.
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Quality Assurance

Meadville Forging Company facilities are registered with the IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 Quality Standards. And our internal quality assurance processes are evaluated to drive improvement using technology. Meadville Forging has expertise in material handling, improved process capability, and scrap reduction and utilizes Ignition SPC data collection software to deliver high precision parts on time every time.

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