Heat Treat

Meadville Forging Heat Treat Capabilities

The Meadville Forging Company’s Heat Treat department employs 8 people. These dedicated employees man the department 24 hours a day – seven days a week. The primary purpose of this department is to provide a value added process for the forgings produced at this plant.

We offer various heat treat services, including normalizing, iso-thermal annealing, subcritical annealing, stress relieving, and quench and temper.

Approximately 11.5 million pounds of forgings are heat treated to customer requirements in this department per year.

Vacuum Furnace in Meadville Heat Treat Plant
Heat Treat Nitrider in Meadville Forging Plant
The secondary purpose of the Heat Treat department is to support production by plasma ion nitriding all dies used for the production of forgings. The nitriding process creates an extremely wear-resistant surface layer on the dies, which greatly extends die life. This process amounts to approximately 282,000 pounds of dies per year.

The department also supports production by heat treating tooling when short lead times are required to meet customer delivery schedules.

Heat Treat Major Equipment List

(1)- Rubig Nitride Machine
(1)- J.L. Becker Endothermic Gas Generator
(3)- Super 30 All Case Hardening Furnaces with integral quench
(1)- J.L. Becker Hardening Furnace with integral quench
(6)-Super 30 Draw/Temper furnaces
(1)- Seco Draw/Temper furnaces
(4)-J.L. Becker Draw/Temper Furnaces
(3)-Parts Washers
(1)-Goff shot blast machine
(1)- Signature Vacuum Furnace

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