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Meadville Forge CNC Machining Services

Meadville Forging Company’s CNC Division is located just 12 miles from our forging plant. The 59,000 square foot facility houses fifty-two CNC Lathes, eight CNC Milling centers, and four Induction Hardening Machines. Our CNC Machining facility ships 4-5 truckloads of parts daily, Monday-Friday, containing between 3K-12K parts depending on size and weight. Over 4.5 Million parts are shipped annually, mainly differential ring gears and wheel bearing components.

Coolant during CNC process

Machining Processes

  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Tapping

Specialty Processes

  • Induction Hardening
  • Broaching
  • Eddy Current Testing


Increasing accuracy, easing production and improving safety with:

  • 16 custom automated guages
  • 25 articulated robots

Tools we use at the CNC Machining Facility

CMM Mitutoyo CNC Machine

Mitutoyo Formtracer Trace Machine

The Mitutoyo Formtracer Trace Machine enables us to complete detailed inspections of parts with intricate features. The machine is capable of measuring in two directions and is automated to allow for ease of use.

The Starret HB400 Comparator allows for inspections of induction hardened parts for the induction Hardening Macro Pattern to ensure it meets requirements. Dimensional inspections are also completed using the comparator as required.

CNC Starret HB400 Comparator

Starret HB400 Comparator

Parts we produce

Every member of our team is dedicated to delivering the industry’s highest standard—on time, on budget, and on spec the first time everytime.

Automotive steel Forged part
Automotive steel forged part
Automotive Steel Forged part
Automotive Steel Forged Part
Automotive steel forged part

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