Precision, excellence, quality, pride, and history are the elements that define our commitment to our customers. Our customers know every member of our team is dedicated to delivering the industry's highest standard. On time, on budget, and on spec.

Faces of the Forge

3D material flow simulation, finite element analysis, and cutting edge engineering tools means expertise in material handling, improved process capability and scrap reduction.  With ignition statistical data, closed die forming and heat treating capabilities, MFC delivers a reduced prototype, PPAP development time and precise parts, right and on time.

You don’t thrive for more than 60 years unless you’ve got a relentless commitment to making a quality product at a competitive price. Doing it right the first time is not just a company philosophy, it’s a duty realized from the engineers to the craftsman, to the maintenance team, to the front office and the CEO.


“MFC is committed to achieving customer requirements by providing quality products that are delivered on time through the use of efficient processes and the continual improvement of our quality management system.”- September 25, 2017

We’re proud to be an industry leader and recognized by our customers as the best of the best by winning the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award, the NTN Supplier of the Year, and ZF as their prestigious Metallic Supplier of the Year Award.

What started as a small hammer shop in the 1940’s, this humble family-owned operation has grown into one of the largest, most diverse forging operations in the United States. Our Meadville plant has 16 Manual and Automatic forging presses including two Erie 4000 ton presses, Bar Cutting Equipment, and a range of Heat Treat capabilities.  In Cambridge Springs, our world class die making capabilities include high speed mills and lathes and production machining with over 50 turning and milling centers, induction hardening and broaching machines.  

Unique In Our Capabilities

MFC Group is unique in our capabilities: engineering and design, die-making, forging, heat treating and machining. With in-house services from start to finish, we can meet demanding schedules as well as oversee all development and production while controlling costs. We are committed to delivering quality and unmatched reliability.

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Program Management

Providing a Positive Impact for our Customers
Full time project management team dedicated to optimize customer product and process development

  • Six Sigma Certification through training for both Black and Green Belts driving our competiveness… providing a world class standard
  • Integration of resources to meet customers expectation, both internal and external
  • Proactive APQP with customers for successful program launch
  • Maximizing resources through improved knowledge and skills training
  • Improved quality of product and value as perceived by our customer

Vision For Tomorrow

MFC Group Engineering and Manufacturing Team

Working together • Driving Improvements • Providing Value to Our Customers.
Innovation, that is evident in our equipment and facilities. MFC Group invests continuously in processes and systems designed to deliver greater product value to our customers.

Fluid Flow Simulation

MFC Group utilizes fluid flow simulation, finite element analysis, and 3D material flow simulation tools to produce high quality parts.

Advanced engineering tools to provide a technical advantage for our customers.

Reduce prototype and PPAP development time.

  • Solid Modeling of parts and tooling,
  • 3D Flow Simulation,
  • FEA and Fluid Flow Simulation.

Globally Competitive

MFC Group quality management system is built on a level of excellence through our employees’ ability to achieve and/or exceed quality objectives, focused on customer expectations. We are constantly evaluating our internal processes, driving improvement using proven Lean Six Sigma methodology. MFC Group facilities are registered to IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 quality standards.

Continuous Improvement

Leading in quality with a history of quality leadership, and continuous improvement.

  • Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes
  • Proactive APQP with customers for successful program launches
  • Emphasizing employee involvement and teamwork
  • Overall data driven capability improvements through SPC for both forging and machining
  • Advanced Quality Data collection system
  • Real time process control
  • Auto gage feedback
  • Process control tools for built-in forging integrity and reducing variation, defects and
    cycle times.

Material handling, press automation, automated gaging, and vision applications.

Automated gages are capable of providing feedback to the machining centers improving process capability and reducing scrap.

Closed die forming capability

Our tooling is machined in-house using software that directly integrates to our solid modeling system, which reduces manufacturing errors and improves throughput.

Proprietary technologies

that allow us to reduce forging stock and provide net shape, high-quality flash-less and reduced flash forging designs.
Heat treating capabilities: Quench and temper, normalizing, and annealing (including soft, spherodize, and iso-thermal) heat treating capabilities.
Tool steel development and improvement for the longest die life possible.

Our Terms & Conditions

Our Team

Jack Keller
3rd Generation Owner
Jack is the 3rd generation owner of an ever-changing business grounded in founding values. He’s proud that the MFC team is a family where generations have built careers for over 50 years.


Ed Loccisano
VP/Admin & Strategic Planning
With 25+ years at MFC, Ed is the answer guy. He interacts with all departments on long-term planning, from new customer opportunities all the way to delivery of the finished product.
Jim Allen
VP/ Sales & Marketing
Jim is the face of MFC. His product knowledge and infectious enthusiasm provides assurance to our growing customer base that they are “safe with MFC!”
Carl McLean
Engineering Manager
Carl takes our customer’s vision and makes it real, often designing custom tools and dies. Carl also works closely with our plant managers on process improvement with presses to extend tool life.
Joe Rich
VP/Quality & Operations
Joe’s rich history in manufacturing operations in a variety of platforms brings new ideas and efficiencies to plant operations and ensuring MFC’s higher standards in quality products.
Bill Biery
Plant Manager/Meadville
Bill has spent his career at MFC- working his way up from press operator to plant quality control officer. It’s only natural he would eventually become the man in charge of operations at Meadville.
Paul Weagraff
Plant Manager/ Cambridge Springs
Paul is responsible for all manufacturing operations at CNC Cambridge Springs. Given our record for on-time deliveries of quality parts, he does it well!
Karen Niciu
Director of Corporate Compliance
Karen is responsible for maintaining the highest quality standards and makes sure we meet and exceed ISO9001 and TS16949 quality standards using proven 6 Sigma practices.

Contact Us.

If you would like to request a quote, have an inquiry regarding a potential business expansion, or simply need some general information regarding the MFC Group of companies, please contact us below.

Meadville Forging Company
15309 Baldwin Street Ext.
Meadville, PA 16335
(814) 332-8200
(814) 333-4657 (FAX)

Cambridge Springs (CNC)
440 McClellan Street
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403
(814) 398-2203
(814) 398-2503 (FAX)

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